​Mike Davis


After more than twenty years as a successful nightclub DJ, adult club operator and owner, Mike Davis was approached by several Hollywood production companies in 2017 to star in a weekly, one-hour reality series. In February 2018, Mike signed on with a major network to air the proposed production. The show will expose some of the misconceptions of our industry.

The concept of the show is to document the success and empowerment of these women both on and off-the-stage by Mike's unique management practices. Unlike many operators, Mike believes in placing women in the highest management and administrative positions in his growing company. Mike's tenderhearted and, clearly-defined approach to the adult entertainment business is refreshing. The image of the industry was tarnished in the past but those issues have been greatly decreased by skillful operators and owners, like Mike Davis.

With his show officially "in development" the producers have asked Mike to begin searching for "the cast". Producers have developed this site so that, from California and Las Vegas, they can look at girls who have an interest in being part of this exciting project. This is your chance to audition for a major television production and, perhaps change your life.

​If interested, contact us immediately as we are filling audition slots quickly. If you would like your club to host a casting call, let's talk!


A Worldwide Opportunity